Since women are the ones who get pregnant, there's a lot of attention when it comes to their well-being and health. However, when planning to have kids, men's health is important as well on equal measures. In some couples, this not the case as some men are termed infertile.

Let's be honest, infertility can sometimes be challenging to treat. Recent medical advancements have seen some effective techniques invented and are used to treat infertility, but they are too costly. This has forced many to look for other alternatives that will help them produce semen with the right sperm count and motility rates. They include:


It goes without doubt that supplements are among the best approaches that infertile men can use to increase their chances of becoming fertile. A research done in Dutch showed men who used supplements had a sperm increase of up to 74% and the lifespan (motility) of the sperms increased too giving them a good chance of fertilizing an ovule. While there are numerous claims and studies showing the benefits of sex supplements such as Volume Pills and Semenax, they are not the only way to improve fertility in men.

Some other ways include:

Quit Smoking
Smoking has been associated with infertility because it has the following effects:
-Reduces the motility and quality of the sperms.
-Leads to low sperm count.
-Causes impotence in that the shaft is rendered lame and one can't hold on erections for long.
Quitting smoking has the reverse results. Passive smoking can also have an adverse effect on your fertility too.

Maintain The Right Weight
Being overweight or obese is not bad for your heart only. It greatly affects one's sex life and can lead to infertility too. Visit a health center and have them check your Body Mass Index (BMI). A healthy BMI ratio is supposed to be 18.5 and 24.9. Studies have shown that being obese also affects the DNA of the newborn babies—they too have the tendency of becoming obese something you really don't want.

Appropriate Nutrition
Men can improve fertility too by ensuring they take the right diet. Foods that have shown to have positive effects on women have the same results on men too. If you are a man and would wish to improve on the quality of your sperms, avoid the following foods: red meat, saturated fatty acids, processed meat and drinks rich in caffeine. On the other hand, embrace diets rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish.

Beware Of The Balls Temperature
Ever asked yourself why the balls are located outside the body? They need to be kept at a cooler environment than the rest of the body in order for them to produce high-quality sperm. If you want to improve your fertility, you may want to stop boiling your testicles all together, for instance,
-Avoid hot baths or saunas.
-Don't place a laptop on your manhood for long.
-If your job requires you to sit for long hours, have frequent breaks and move around in order to freshen the manhood area.
-Wear loose underwear and trousers.
-Avoid long hours of cycling.

Exercise Regularly And Reduce Stress
Apart from maintaining appropriate body shape and weight, regular workouts help men improve on their fertility. This mainly because exercise releases stress which limits the body's functionality in times of distress. The body usually adapts defense mechanism when you experience long periods of depression which makes the body concentrate on surviving rather than reproduction. Make sure to avoid stressing situations as much as possible.

Check With Your Doctor On Certain Medications
Some prescribed drugs can potentially decrease or permanently affect your sperm production. However, when you stop using them, the sperm count is supposed to return to normal. If you are in the period where you want to make a baby, avoid the following drugs; anti-androgen, anti-inflammatories, anabolic steroids, exogenous testosterone, antipsychotics and methadone.

Take Herbs
Most supplements such as Semenax are concentrations of natural herbs. This is done in order to make it possible to deliver it to men who have no direct access to such herbs. If however, you can access them, it is highly advisable you use them to boost fertility. The herbs include L-Arginine, L-Lysine, Tribulus Terrestris, Ashwagandha and foods rich in zinc such as eggs, nuts and dairy products.

Improve On Your Calcium And Vitamin D Intakes
Calcium and vitamin D have a direct impact on the quality of sperm and volume of semen produced. There are a variety of calcium and vitamin D supplements available for purchase in food stores. Additionally, these two supplements will help you perform well during sex as your bones will be made dense and strong giving you the vigor to sustain longer sex.

As seen, fertility has a lot to do with one's lifestyle. This especially important because it not only aims at restoring the lost fertility in men but avoid it too. However, if you experience any sort of low sperm count or infertility, natural supplements are the best option to go with because they are not only effective but fast too-they increase testosterone by up to 60% and sperm quality by 60 to 100%!