Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

In addition to genetic and immune problems, there are a number of other causes of recurrent early pregnancy loss. Anatomic abnormalities, either congenital or acquired, are not rare.

Congenital problems include a bicornuate uterus, a unicornuate uterus, or a uterine septum. These are all related to an abnormal development of the uterus during the earliest stages of fetal development. Some of these problems can be surgically corrected with a high degree of success - others are uncorrectable. Diagnosing them is easy and the treatment is straightforward if the abnormality can be corrected.

The most common acquired anatomic abnormality is from fibroid tumors. These too are easily diagnosed. The decision as to whether they should be treated is far more difficult.

Hormone problems may also cause recurrent pregnancy loss. This is a very complex area of infertility and will be discussed with you if it appears that this is your problem. Some problems obviously cause a problem and need to be treated. Others may or may not be at fault and the decision to treat is not always so easy and straightforward.

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